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New 18Ah Prismatic Cells

New 20Ah Prismatic Cells




Any combination of our Plug & Play Packs can be used in series/parallel to build custom battery systems...

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LiFeBATT has incorporated our unique charging algorithm into these intelligent Chargers and recommends them to insure our 3 Year Warranty.

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NOTICE:There are several companies located in the U.K. and Taiwan that use the LiFeBATT name and trademark logo. While we can’t control this, we want our customers to know that we are not them. The original LiFeBATT, Inc. is located in Danville, Virginia / U.S. and we have no affiliation with them - nor do they offer the same LiFePO4 Battery products that we do. We are sorry for this confusion and want our customers to understand.

LiFeBATT VMS Integration Module (IM)

The IM module provides a hierarchical battery-management system which can effectively reduce the amount of data required for managing batteries to speed up the decision process and to cut down the time required for the power system controller to obtain the status information of the battery set so as to meet real-time monitoring requirements of the whole power system.

This Module is required for multiple Pack configurations that exceed more than (2) Packs wired together.

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P18 & P20Ah Aluminum Skeleton Packs

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Our unique Skeleton Pack Design incorporates a sealed Control Box that protects the circuit boards and diagnostic boards. The open sides provide a clear ambient airflow channel to pass through the Cells naturally cooling the Packs. These Packs come in convenient Modules of 24V, 36V, 48V & 72V (nominal rating) and they can be combined in Serial / Parallel configurations to build small or very large complete Plug & Play Battery Systems.

LiFeP04 Sandia Report
Read the original Sandia Report...


This Report is still relevant today because the Scientist who invented the Original Green Cell is the same Scientist that has now invented the new P20 Cells. LiFeBATT uses Phostec LiFeP04 premium powder and is an authorized Licensee of Phostech Lithium, Canada...

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GlobeTRAC Wireless Communication

All LiFeBATT Battery Packs come with the GlobeTRAC feature built-into our VMS circuit boards. It is now possible to track the various Battery Systems in Real Time for a Fleet or an individual EV, and to access important diagnostic information remotely, on any wireless device including i-pads, lap tops, or cell phones.

LiFeBATT Battery Training Course

LiFeBATT has created a Battery Training Course for the Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training (RCATT) in Danville, Virginia. This is the first class of its kind in the U.S. and is geared to educating young and old to find a new job in the Clean Energy industries. The course is already generating great interest from the University level to the Community College level. We plan to roll this program out nationwide in the coming months.

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