Our story of LiFeBATT begins in 2007, with a search for a new Battery Chemistry to replace Lead Acid batteries for an electric Assist Trike called the RAPTOR, designed by Don Harmon and made in Taiwan: That is when we discovered Dr. John Goodenough’s invention called LiFeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and began a journey that brings us here today. Don invented the name “LiFeBATT” to christen our new company and it holds a U.S. Trademark which we are proud of. LiFeBATT is committed to helping our kids find good jobs in the “green tech” markets and we fully support the community colleges here in our new home in Virginia.

Our corporate headquarters are being renovated from a historic old tobacco warehouse in the downtown Danville historic district and we should be settled in by late May this year: LiFeBATT has made a decision to always seek out the best technology currently available to our customers. We have now partnered with the original team that made our first LiFeP04 Cylindrical Cells famous. These early 10Ah Green cells were tested by Sandia Laboratory, DOE in New Mexico and you can download this report under the Cell Specs tab here on our new website. The most important news is our new P-20 Cells are Prismatic and not Cylindrical. They are 20Ah LiFeP04 Cells (not 15Ah) and provide smaller packs, lighter weight, and better pricing.

Our new case design is proprietary and, while we offer a complete line of Plug & Play Packs including BMS/LVC, On-Board Diagnostics, all inquiries should be directed to LiFeBATT, USA and we can put you in touch with one of our authorized Distributors world - wide who can help you develop your LiFeP04 battery applications and service your needs. LiFeBATT, Inc. is in the process of setting up a complete P-20 Cell Pack assembly line here in Danville, VA. Michelle Robinson will be taking the lead on this and she has over 25 years experience in the electronics industry.

All shipping will originate from Danville, Va. and all Warranty Service will be done in the USA. More accessories and New LiFeBATT Plug & Play Systems will be added to the website as we grow - including a 2010 line of LiFeP04 Battery Chargers, Solar Panel / Wind Power Systems, and many other unique products.