LiFeBATT holds an authorized License from Phostech Lithium and uses only their premium LiFeP04 powders in all of our products.

LiFeBATT is now heaquarted in Danville, VA in our new facility that houses our corporate offices, R&D operations, and prototyping / testing of large format rechargeable battery cells. Our cell manufacturing facility in Taipei, Taiwan augments technology and product development, provides direct technical support to LiFeBATT, and insures our cell production.In order to produce our battery cells in a world class ISO 9001 - certified, well established cell manufacturing plant, we have partnered with Taiwan to be our ODM manufacturer and have purchased all of their cell production capacity for the new P20 Cells through 2013. LiFeBATT will setup Battery Pack Assembly here in Danville beginning in 2011 and will do all Sales, Service, & Warranty work in this facility.