600KW Lithium Iron Battery
Container Storage Solution

A system-level approach to your battery solution


LiFeBATT, Inc. markets and sells Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology systems that can be configured from large-scale individual battery cell formats. Each secondary cell can store 20 amp-hours of current capacity. LiFeBATT products include onboard battery management systems, charging system support, wireless GPS location, and other peripheral products. The company markets these products to OEM manufacturers worldwide who develop industry, military and government applications, including electric vehicles, alternative energy storage systems, backup power systems, power tools and portable instrumentation systems.

Xiamen Chang Gung Hospital


Energy Recycle System


Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation


AUO Panel Foundry UPS

more than 48KWh/820V

IM/Master/BCU Types

Modules/Slave/BMU Types


BMS advantage


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